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It's not easy to stand out in the competitive world of direct mailing list companies, but ListMasters is a broker of Direct Mailing Lists and Sales Leads that separates itself from the competition. Our affordable Mailing List Prices, combined with our Expertise and Superior Customer Service, make us the best choice for all your Direct Marketing needs. If you are comparing other mailing list companies online, you may find that we all LOOK very much alike, but other mailing list companies just can't match the Quality and Value, Accuracy and Dependability of our Services!


We are mailing list brokers with access to data from the nation's top compilers of Mail Lists. This allows us to select the Direct Marketing Mailing Lists that will generate sales leads from your target audience. Let us show you the power of Direct Mailing Lists as Sales Leads and Direct Marketing Lead Generators.

We offer our Customers a variety of Custom Mailing Lists such as Specialty Mailing Lists, (example…Traveler & Vacation Enthusiast Mailing List, etc...) New Homeowner Data, New Movers Data, Mortgage Leads, Doctor/Medical Mailing Lists, Aliment Suffers, Business Mailing Lists, Data Hygiene & Cleansing, Residential Mailing Lists (Consumer Mailing Lists; Apartment Mailing Lists), & Telemarketing Mailing Lists and Print Outs.

The Mailing List Data we provide to our Customers can also be used for Direct Mail Sales Lead Generators. Please feel free to browse our information and resources on Insurance Leads (e.g. Health Insurance Leads, Life Insurance Leads, etc.) and Mortgage Leads (real estate, home loans, mortgage broker leads, etc.).

With 15 years of Mailing List Experience and acquired Mailing List knowledge, we know which compilers provide the highest quality data, and we employ only these sources!


We are able to offer you the most competitive & discount pricing on your direct mailing sales leads because of our volume and the relationships we have with the major compilers. We are confident that our mailing list pricing, coupled with our personal service, Quality Mailing Lists, and Direct Mailing List experience will convince you that you are getting your money's worth.

Remember, the bottom line is this: Your response is the indicator of the true value of your mailing list investment.


We believe our SERVICE sets us apart from other mailing list companies. All mailing list companies claim their service is #1, but the truth of the claim is in the experience. Our business is a Service Business. We invite you to let us prove our dedication to you!

You will be assigned to a Mailing List Specialist who will assist you each time you call. That representative will be familiar with your Marketing Goals and the Direct Mailing Lists you have used. All of our Mailing Lists Specialists have worked for ListMasters for years, so you can be assured they are knowledgeable and experienced!

We are not interested in the quick-sale. Rather, we focus on developing only long-term relationships with our customers, ever improving your response. 89.5% of our orders are repeat orders from thousands of satisfied customers.

And at ListMasters a “live” person will always answer the phone during business hours!


To Speak Directly to a Mailing List Lead Representative call